EPALME S.A. has been in the aluminium business since 1970. At that period of time, the Company used to produce aluminium billets as well as alloy ingots. In the years that followed, the Company was always trying to adjust its production and capabilities to the prevailing Greek market conditions by exploiting its highly experienced and trained staff.
In 1996, there was a significant change in the ownership of EPALME, since ALUMAN S.A. became one of the major shareholders. In the year 1999, the Company transferred its premises to a newly bought area at Inofyta Viotias, 50 kms north of Athens - besides ALUMAN's premises. The new factory is currently producing aluminium billets with a "state of the art" casting technology using pure aluminium ingots and recyclable aluminium scrap.

The annual capacity of the unit is 30,000 tons with a workforce of 60 persons. Most of the production (90%) supplies the Greek market, whereas the rest (10%) is currently exported.



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